GMK Organization Inc. is pleased to provide residents with a fast and convenient way to manage and pay rent online. As the preferred way of accepting rent payments, we invite you to create an account with our provider, Click Pay and make your payments online using two methods; by e-check (ACH) from your bank account for FREE, or by all major Credit Cards for a additional FEE - Visa, MasterCard, Discover 2.95% or AMEX 3.95%

1. Click Register and create your online profile
2. Add your unit using your street number and zip code

3. Add your preferred Payment Option

(e-check for FREE or Credit card for a Fee charge- Visa, MasterCard, Discover 2.95% or Amex 3.95%)

4. Set up Recurring payments or click Pay Now to make one-time monthly.

Office Location: 138 West 133 Street - New York, NY 10030

Office Phone: 646.964.4764

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If you are paying by check, below is our mailing address:

138 West 133rd Street

New York, NY 10030


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